Hello everyone There has been no news for a long time, now I am ready to tell you about the 0.20 update for the Journey game.

In this update, I continued the branch for the Ranger (Ryan), introduced the first line with the merchant and Master Ricky. We also fixed a lot of problems and improved the mechanics of some functions in the game.

One of the main innovations is a new map to explore. It is still in the works, but you will already be able to visit and do something. 


  • Relationship with Ranger.
  • Relationship with Master Ricky.
  • Relationship with Ivo.
  • A new map for traveling.
  • Changes in Skills.
  • Correction of characteristics for the Mage class.

A little later I will post some images from the game, stay tuned!

Release Date

There is no exact date yet, but I expect to provide access before September 15 for Tier Diamond and in 3-4 days for other patrons.