Hello everyone, it’s time to tell you about the update of the game Contact version 0.12.

Major updates

In this update, the last branch for day 5 was introduced. I think everyone already understands and knows that this is a branch of MCD (Mike, Connor, Daniel). I have tried to diversify the content, as far as I have succeeded, you will find out very soon. Of course, there were hidden scenes, they open when certain conditions are met.

CG/BG/UI – Mechanics

  • The 5th day of the MCD branch was introduced.
  • Fixed some “holes” in the map. Fixed translation for some scenes in the MCD branch on day 4.
  • Fixed the gallery.
  • Fixed some animations.
  • The shuffle of the selection menu has been slightly changed.

Release Date

The work on the version is finished, the release of the version will be according to the plan: Release Date.


I admit honestly, in pursuit of the schedule and the amount of content in the update during the summer, I was very tired. At the moment, I have posted a new release schedule for the versions of the game, I think in combination with it I will be able to gain some strength and return to full-fledged development 6th day for all branches. Thank you for staying with me,