Hello all, it’s been a long time since the last version 0.12, which means that it’s time to talk about version 0.13.

Major updates

In this version, I focused on working with Mike and his relationship with his friends. Day 6 is the concluding day in the development of character understanding, but let’s not forget about Day 7 (to be discussed later).

CG/BG/UI – Mechanics

  • More than 53 new CGs have been added
  • Introduced branches for Daniel, Connor, and Chris.
  • Fixed errors in Connor’s branch.
  • Added save slots.
  • Small changes for overall stability.

Release date

The development of this version is finished, the release for early access (Tier Diamond) will take place on November 4. For Tier X, XL November 12, for Tier S and M November 20 and 25 respectively.