Hello, everyone! February came out hard to work on the update 0.17. At the moment this is the penultimate update for the game Contact, the next version for the game will be 1.0, more details about the final release I will report later.

In this update, Mike will finish his little vacation in the Haunt. Your choice of which friend to spend the 7th day with will affect the 8th day.

CG/BG/UI – Mechanics

  • More than 60 new CGs.
  • A new foreplay mini-game
  • Correcting errors on Day 7.
  • Daniel’s final correction on day 7. (code only)

Release date

I still have work left to do on this update. Release date for patrons by tier:

  • Tier Diamond – March 7.
  • Tier X, XL – March 12.
  • Tier S – March 22.
  • Tier M – March 27.
  • Public release no earlier than April 15.