Hello everyone. We are happy to present you the Devlog for June! I’ll tell you all about the 0.9 update for the game Contact, let’s start in order.

Major updates

In this update, we have done a lot of work on the game, the total number of new images that have appeared in the game is over 60 CGs. As well as more than 10 new animations. The most important update is the introduction of 5 days for Chris.

For Karin, Chris branch and MCD for 3rd day are entered, 4 days for Karin MCD and 4 days for Chris + Karin. Day 4 for Karin with Connor and Daniel will be later.

Old CG (Chris/Mike)
New CG (Chris/Mike)

CG/BG/UI – Mechanics

  • Introduced day 5 for the Chris branch (Male/Male).
    • 20+ new CGs.
    • 5 new animations (and variable scenes).
    • 2 ways to develop relationships.
  • Introduced day 4 for the MCD branch and Chris branch for Karin. (Female/Male).
  • A new mini-game has been introduced.
    • At the moment the game balance of the mini-game is in the testing phase.
    • Currently, the medium level of difficulty is used, and depending on some conditions, it may become more complicated.
  • Reworked and replaced some CG for Chris on 4 day, also reworked animation (for sunbathe scene).
  • Slightly updated mini-game for 4 day of the MCD branch.
  • Fixed some bugs in Chris branch on day 4.
  • Fixed minor text and translation errors.

Release Date

Work on version 0.9 of the game Contact is completed, now we are testing the version for various errors or bugs. The update will be released as planned without delay (learn more).

Stay tuned, there will be more coming soon!