Hello everyone Today we will tell you about the update of the game Contact version 0.10. This update has become less large-scale due to my illness, but this did not significantly change the plans for this release.

Major updates

In this update, the task was to expand and update the Haunt, And also introduce a new branch for the character Daniel (for Mike). For this update, you have added more than 50 new CGS and 6 new animations. Now about everything in order:

CG/BG/UI – Mechanics

  • Introduced the 5th day for Daniel (Male/Male)
    • 50 new CG scenes,
    • 5 new animations (and variable scenes),
    • Alternative line for Aiden is currently disabled (a sequel may appear).
  • The map of the area of the town of Haunt has been updated.
    • A new location has been added,
    • The appearance of old locations has been changed,
    • Some old places have been added and fixed.
  • Added a new secret place (hint: opens in the middle of the day)
  • Updated the old textbox UI. Quick menu has been moved.
  • Fixed some errors of Daniel’s 4 days, and also fixed some text errors.

Release Date

The work on the update is almost finished. We are currently working on sound effects and music. There are no delays with the release of this version of the game yet, everything should be according to the Release Date