Hello everybody! In this news, we will tell you about the update of version 0.15 for the game Journey.

Major updates

For this version, I tried to diversify the game world as much as possible. Introduced 3 new characters that you can get acquainted with, and also introduced the change of day and night and updated changed some images. We have rendered 19 new animations for the game and introduced more than 50 new CGs (including new sprites for combat)

CG/BG/UI – Mechanics

  • New CG scenes.
    • More than 20 new CG (for characters),
    • 30+ new CG for sprites and other things).
  • Relationships with new characters in the game.
  • Added a character creation system, when choosing which you can choose a character class (knight, mage, rogue).
  • Updated the map, created a change of day and night (including scenes).
  • A cheat menu has been introduced.
  • New characteristics were added for the character (dexterity and some hidden ones).
  • Added 3 new armor (2 of them for new character classes)
  • Combat system has been slightly changed.
  • 3 new places to get souls.

Release Date

I’m still working on some points, but the release date has already been selected:

The release of version 0.15 for Tier Diamond and Tier XL on August 4, for Tier M on August 10.

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