Hi all. The last few months have been extremely difficult, but we’re working on an update. In update 0.28 I added interaction with the house on the second map.


  • Added interaction with the house on the second map.
  • New сharacter – Maid
  • New character – Elf
  • New quest with the Stranger
  • Rebalance the system of rewarding souls for winning or losing with enemy
  • Foreplay mini-game added
  • When selecting “Straight Content” a character without armor will no longer be naked in the inventory and in combat.

Bug fixing

  • Fixed the quest with Master Rickey. The quest will now be completed (if you are familiar with Elander/Elsia)
  • Fixed the quest with the Stranger. Sometimes the quest might not complete.
  • Removed stats upgrades in the inventory. I decided to abandon this method of upgrading skills.
  • Corrected names and quests from Master Ricky for Elsia and Elander.
  • Fixed display of the number of souls for the quest at Anubis
  • Removed an additional request for Straight Content from the Ranger
  • Ranger (female) has corrected the display of the night version of the animation. And also fixed bug with repetition of some animations.
  • The Cunning Serpent quest for Elsia has been corrected.
  • Corrected the translation of wrong lines.
  • Reworked the conversation for some characters.
  • Fixed character creation. The character class can now be changed without a complete restart of the game.
  • Fixed an error in combat, it occurred when the character was without a sword.
  • Fixed a bug in the characteristics when selecting the class Knight. 

Release date

I’m still working on the update and gathering feedback on version 0.27 to fix bugs I may have overlooked. The planned release date is March 16-20.