Hi all, it’s time to talk about update 0.27 and what it brings to the game.

At the moment we are still working on the game and fixing some bugs, so the list of fixes may not be complete.

CG/BG/UI – Mechanics

  • Added interaction with the Stranger in the village, he has you waiting for 2 quests.
  • Added another quest for Elander/Elsia
  • When interacting with Ivo when receiving armor, you no longer have to agree to his condition.
  • Fixed an inventory error. Quests in the menu will no longer reset after loading
  • Fixed a bug when using healing in combat with a Soul Eater
  • Fixed an issue where the “I’m in charge here” quest would not end
  • Fixed the quest “The Cunning Serpent”
  • Added female character to the Soul Eater quest

Release date

Due to a high workload with other projects, I don’t have time to finish releases by the same time, please excuse me. The scheduled release date for Joruney 0.27 is around January 15th for Tier Diamond, XL, stay tuned.