Hi everyone, it’s time to tell you about all the changes in the game that you will see in update 0.26.

CG/BG/UI – Mechanics

  • The village now has characters available for interaction.
  • More than 6 new animations.
  • New animations now have an increased number of frames, they now look more dynamic.
  • New enemies for map 1 and for map 2 (The demon appears after defeating the Ghoul).
  • The “Potions” tab has been added to the character menu
  • We are still working on potions in 0.26 and this version will not add potions for use in combat
  • Corrections for clothing, fixing some bugs with Ivo.
  • Increased chance of dodging enemy attacks
  • Fixed some images in battle
  • Added new icons to the action selection menu of the characters.
  • Added a heal in combat (uses mana)
  • Added secret interaction (hint: village)
  • New items have been added to Ivo’s store
  • Some changes for clothing characteristics.
  • New sounds and music have been added.
  • The new characters have a variety of scenes depending on the time of day.

Release date

The release of the update is scheduled for December 10.