Hi everyone, it’s time to tell you about update 0.25.

Major updates

Most importantly, we fixed a lot of bugs and bugs in the game, as well as fixing problems in the android version. Introduced a quest for the Master of Elander, led several events in the derven on 2 locations. And also introduced straight content.

The M/M or F/M content is completely optional, you can choose what you like best when you get to a location with a character. (not all characters have an alternative, currently only Ranger and Master Elander)

CG/BG/UI – Mechanics

  • Introduced a village on 2 locations.
  • Introduced straight content.
  • Introduced relationships with Master Elander.
  • Fixed many bugs in combat.
  • Fixed bugs in the android version with the game menu.

Release date

The game is scheduled for release on November 15 for Tier Diamond, but the date is not exact and the release may be earlier. Please stay tuned. For the rest of the patrons a week after the early release for Tier Diamond.