Hello everyone, it’s time to tell you about the update of the game Contact version 0.11.

Major updates

In this update, we continued Connor’s branch for day 5. We also fixed a lot of problems with the Haunt map, and fixed translation problems. In particular, some hidden places that were lost were returned.

CG/BG/UI – Mechanics

  • Introduction 5 day for Connor’s Branch.
  • 49 new CGs for Connor, 3 new animations.
  • Fixed errors in the text and translation in Connor’s branch, returned lost lines of text.
  • Corrected the map of the Haunt, fixed the places where hidden scenes were lost.
  • Fixed the problem of “empty” places on the map.
  • Minor changes in the code, fixed bugs.

Release Date

The work on the version is finished, the release of the version will be according to the plan: Release Date.