Hello everyone I am ready to present the development news for the 0.7 update for April!

Day 4 – Chris/Mike
Day 4 – Connor/Mike

Major updates

In this update, a lot of work has been done to fix errors and bugs in the game. We also worked together with Daniel C Williams to translate the game into English (for which we thank him very much)

And also updated some old CG and introduced even more animations for 3 and 4 days of game Contact.

I am currently working on the 0.8 update, part of which may be released as early as this month (possibly closer to April 20)

CG/BG/UI – Mechanics

  • Added 10 new animations for all characters in the game to their scenes
  • Reworked the entire translation for all days into English (thanks to Daniel C Williams)
  • Fixed a bug in the mechanics of the selection menu
  • Fixed a bug where the scene with Connor and the scene with Chris might not work as intended.
  • Redesigned image output due to the introduction of animation

Release Date

Work on update 0.7 is already finished, there are still minor edits before its release.

The approximate release date of update 0.7 is April 10 for Tier XL, Tier X. Early release for Tier Diamond on April 5.