Hi. March was extremely hard to work on the update. Update 1.0 brings the final chapter for the MCD branch (Mike, Connor, Daniel) to the game, as well as a remaster of some old animations in the game that are of poor quality.

CG/BG/UI – Mechanics

  • Added a new MCD branch on day 7.
  • A new minigame has been added.
  • Over 40 new CGs.
  • More than 7 new animations for the scenes.
  • Fixed some bugs in the already introduced mini-games.
  • Updated the animation in the main menu.
  • Removed branch for Karin and selecting her as a character.

Release date

I’m still working on the update. Right now I’m still animating some scenes, but even so, there’s still a lot of work to do.

Update 1.0 will come out late, as I want to fix and refine all the little things I may have overlooked. But, 1.0 will be out in April with no delay to another month, I’ll let you know the date a little later.