Hello, everyone!

I had a short break in July to rest, but now I’m restarting the schedule for release updates for Contact: Seasons with renewed energy. 

A little later, I’ll post a roadmap on the site outlining all the work for the current and upcoming moments. But for now, I’m ready to talk about update 0.2 for Contact: Seasons!

The new version continues Mike’s story in the city, and has some fixes as well.

Main Updates

  • Day 1 is complete.
  • Day 2 for Mike has begun, it has been split into 2 updates as more content is planned.
  • Mike can go to the Pool or Gym of your choice.
  • Introduced 6 new SX animations.
  • Over 60 new CGs.
  • 2 new Parallax scenes.
  • History menu has been completely redone.
  • First day is now a lot of variation at the end of the day, choose wisely!


Release for Patrons:

  • Tier Diamond – August 5th
  • Tier XL, Tier X – August 12th
  • Tier S – August 20th
  • Tier M -August 25th