The first version of Contact Seasons is in active phase right now. Right now I’m finishing up the character sprites. I’m also working on the dialogs in parallel.

It’s already done at the moment:

  • Some of the new characters have already been introduced into the game.
  • The game interface has been updated, and some important UI elements (Location, Day, Lust) have been redesigned.
  • Some of the animations for the scenes have already been rendered.
  • New title animation in the main menu.
  • New BGs have been introduced.
  • Mike’s look has been redesigned.

What else needs to be done:

  • Finish writing the dialogues for the first day.
  • Redo some of the CG that does not meet the requirements.
  • Render new CG for some scenes with Nick’s.
  • General update of the old code.

Release date

I can’t say for sure about the release date yet, but I’m doing my best to speed up the process. At this point I’m pretty sure the first version will be released between mid-June and mid-July.

I sincerely thank all the people who support me and my games, as well as people who just like my games. Thank you!