Hello everyone!

A bit of news from Contact version 0.10, now we are working on the script for 5 days for all branches of the characters and we want to talk about what is happening now.

Work on the Daniel branch has already begun, as well as work on an alternative development of the branch. It is not yet clear whether any mini-game will be involved in this branch. One of the important innovations is the introduction of another character – Aiden.

The plot that Aiden will bring is very important for the future life of the characters from the game. We also present an image of our new hero, the work is still in progress and may differ from the one presented in the game.

Another of the innovations is introduction a new location and a redesign of old locations. So far, that’s all I can say.

Some images from the game you will be able to see soon this month, stay tuned!

Another news related to the development of 2 projects. Since the first launch of Ren’Py, I have been improving my knowledge more and more, studying some technologies, and now it’s time to develop another game. Work with the game Contact will continue, no delays will occur. Now we are working on the concept of our next project, all the details will appear later. More on byezh.ru/games/

Your ezh!