Hi! It’s time to tell you a little bit about the future of the game Contact and the history of the characters. Starting in December 2021, I began working on the main story line for the sequel to Contact. I didn’t want to make the main game huge and heavy, so I decided to split the stories into parts: Contact and Contact: Seasons.

What is Contact: Seasons

On Day 8, Mike leaves the Haunt, but the story continues and it takes place in the fall season. In the sequel, you’ll find out what happens next with the Haunt and Mike’s friends.

As Mike promised, he arrives in the fall in time for the soon-to-be harvest festival. But in addition to old friends, there will be new people who will play their part in the overall story.

General updates

From the beginning I started to think about the overall concept of the whole game, as always in the center of everything the Haunt. That’s why the main changes took place in it. All the locations in the game will be redesigned in accordance with the fall, the entire location was assembled from scratch, new colors and a new look of already well-known places.

The update also touched on the characters of the game. They all got new clothes, and some got updated textures.

New characters have been developed and added, which you will know more about soon. I really hope you like them as much as I do! I’ll tell you a little later about some more characters that haven’t been introduced.

More interaction with the characters through new mini-games, I think they all will like!

General interface changes, I plan to redo some old features and update the overall palette to match the new concept of the game, stay tuned.

Release Date

Contact: Seasons will be a complete sequel to the game Contact. The first release of the game will be after the full completion of the main story of Contact.

The plan is to have the first technical release in late February or early March. I’ll bring you all other details later, stay tuned!