Contact: Extended Edition

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The final version of the Contact game with bonus material.

Game version 1.0. This version will be updated as fixes are released.

Contact 1.0

  • Over 70 animated Sex scenes
  • Over 600 CGs and 25 BGs scenes
  • 5 hours of gameplay
  • Foreplay Minigame
  • A lot depends on your choices. Each choice determines how your friends will react

Bonus material

  • Unlocked Secret Button with in-game gallery with animations and scenes.
  • Unlocked editing of Mike’s characteristics.
  • Nude Sprites of all characters from the game (Characters)
  • Images and animations that did not make it into the final version of the game for whatever reason. (PreRender)
  • Some random images that were used for testing. (TestPoses)
Compatibility OS

Windows, macOS, Android


1.0 Extended Edition

Size (Game)

1,688 MB

Size (Bonus material)

125 MB