Hello, everyone! It’s time for an almost final Devlog for the game Contact.

Very soon the game will get version 1.0, which will mean a completely finished game. But now we will talk about version 0.16, this update will introduce Day 7 with Chris.

CG/BG/UI – Mechanics

  • 50 new CGs have been added for Chris’s branch.
  • Added 4 new animations for Chris (8 in total)
  • Added 2 animations for Connor since I reworked his day a bit.
  • Removed on the Day 5th selection menu with Daniel.
  • Removed some places on the map that lead nowhere.
  • Fixed a problem with the broken translation in the game Rock-Paper-Scissors.

Release date

The development of the update is complete.

The release for Tier Diamond will be on February 5.
For Tier X, XL – February 10th
For Tier S – February 20th
Tier M – February 25th